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Tapefeed – Ruled by the Blondes (incl. Answer Code Request and Killawatt remixes) Digital Album   Tapefeed makes their return on Metempsychosis with a controversial EP which includes two powerful remixes by Answer Code Request and Killawatt. The EP is the London based duo personal protest to a historical and political time of injustice and […]

No Matter The Honor by Nuit Noire – NN (Demian Records) Demian 03 12″ Record/Vinyl + Digital Album   Reinforcing the strong cinematic imprint of the label, this third release underlines the efficiency of such tenebrous atmospheres mixed up with strong tribal-inspired rythmes. The shamanic journey NN offers goes from war inspired atmospheres to ethnic […]

Assassani – Danzefloor Dystopia by Assassani DMS037 (Tripalium Corp) Record/Cassette + Digital Album Limited edition of only 40 copies. High Quality Cassette with 3-panel-Jcard and Norelco Box.   Since 2016, Barcelona-based producer Assassani, also known for his artworks under his name Victor Dvnkel, released his music on labels such as Cønjunto Vacío, She Lost Kontrol, […]

Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica) Record/Cassette + Digital Album Delirium Amentis was published on the label Secuencia Laberíntica and is a compilation created from improvisations in the studio using only hardware. You can find it in both digital and cassette format in a limited edition of only 20 copies.   Text extracted from […]

ISMVA002.1 by Various artists (Ismus) Digital Album   New amazing compilation from Ismus including tracks from great artists such as Tim Tama, Oposition, Trym, Mercury 200 or Tkivilsaari that without any doubt are in our list of favourite producers.   Tracklist: 1. MRD – Fastlane (Original Mix) 07:42 2. Tkivilsaari – No Joy, No Misery […]

FLmm + Time Traveler Present Power Levelling Sequence PLS.UK VA002 By FLmm, Time Traveler, 138, Chafik Chennouf, MDD and Dj Overdose Record/Vinyl + Digital Album What lures in the darkness can often intimidate and petrify. Pls.Uk have been guided along by disguised hands, herding the powerhouse label to a bevy of high octane releases that accentuate […]

Various Artists – Don’t Stop The Rave [WR016] (WarinD Records) by WarinD, Nico Moreno, Dyen, Brecc, Axel Picodot, Aneed, Rephate, Berkel, IN/JXRX, Dist, Xiorro and Oguz CD Limited Edition Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album Tracklist: 1. Nico Moreno – Material Punishment 05:36 2. Dyen – Switch Switch 3. Aneed – Till u piss on […]

STG018: Sticky Leaks Vol​.​3 by Various Artists (Sticky Ground) Cassette + Digital Album Two High-bias limited edition cassettes containing the Sticky Leaks Vol.3 with full on body glossy art print & enclosed in a special Double Rave Case.   The time for a new bag of leaks has come! The box is bigger than is […]

I SEE DEATH IN YOUR EYES by Downwell Record/Vinyl + Digital Album   Downwell is a techno project from Tbilisi, Georgia. basically oriented on Electronic Body Music,post-punk and heavy industrial techno sounds, Behind it is the producer, Live performer and DJ Giorgi Kolbaia, who is also the operator of the techno digital label `333-999 Records’. […]

SARIN – MORAL CLEANSING [BITE010] by SARIN Record/Vinyl + Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album SARIN, the A/V industrial technoid electronics project of Emad Dabiri, releases his first ever full-length album Moral Cleansing on BITE. After debuting on the label last year with his Kuleshov Effect EP followed up by a collaborative 12” with Imperial […]