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Mario Picosso

Mario Picosso (Structured)

Mario Picosso is a young Malaga artist settled in Barcelona with an enormous progression and talent, currently living in Barcelona, he has become part of the techno scene in the city with a defined and characteristic sound.

Lately bringing his Sets to clubs like Astra Space Travel, Moog or Salon Kitty Club while performing alongside international artists such as Zadig, Lewis Fautzi and Dave Tarrida, among other big names from the spanish scene.

Co-founder of the Structured Techno Collective which showcases are starting to make a fuss on the Barcelona nights presenting the local Techno spectrum and bringing international artists such as Joaquín Ruiz, Tomas Kunkel or Frequency Shifter and Yanamaste from Khidi, Tbilisi.

Never letting someone indifferent, he has developed an unique sound; industrial, broken, dynamic and driving, with progression on his sets, adding great skills in the mix and a crafted selection of tracks, Mario Picosso just show us what he loves most.


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Photo by Kiko R-D Photographer