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When The Essential Fades Away – Nodrize009 by Irrational Language

Written by on October 8, 2018

 When The Essential Fades Away - Nodrize009 by Irrational Language

When The Essential Fades Away – Nodrize009 by Irrational Language

Digital Album

Nodrize Records publishes its ninth reference, a release composed of four cuts signed signed by the boss of the label; Irrational Language.
In them the master lines of the Nodrize sound remain intact. Techno of high impact and powerful punch, either with an industrial coating like that of the first song “My Sublevation”, of marked acid tendency as it shows “Abuse of Imagination”, with the broken rhythms of the IDM in “Human Stupidity is not Racist” or with the Detroit ancestry that passes “When the Essential Fades Away”, last track and the one that gives the title to the EP.

In these four tracks, the indispensable elements of high-octane techno come to life, with impeccable sound and a high energy charge. Tracks that have to sound late at night and that seek to further heat the dance floor, if possible in rooms with reduced lighting and a devoted audience.

As they have done so far, Nodrize Records continues offering us solid and forthright techno releases, versatile and endowed with great knowledge, and since this last EP is produced by the alma mater of the same we understand and celebrate that since the continue to explore the different ramifications of techno music and offer us songs as compact and diverse as those you will find on the EP “When the Essential Fades Away”.

Artists: Irrational Language
Album: When The Essential Fades Away
Format: Digital
Record Label: Nodrize Records
Catalog #: NDRZ009
Style: Electro, Acid, Industrial, Techno.
Country: Spain
Release date: 13th Sept 2018
Tracklist –
1. My Sublevation (Original Mix)
2. Abuse Of Imagination (Original Mix)
3. Human Stupidty Is Not Racist (Original Mix)
4. When The Essential Fades Away (Original Mix)

Mastered by Chris Mc Cormack @ Blacklisted Mastering
released September 13, 2018



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