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Stalker EP by Raphaël Piacentino (Variant Electronic)

Written by on October 9, 2018

Stalker EP by Raphaël Piacentino (Variant Electronic)

Stalker EP by Raphaël Piacentino (Variant Electronic)

Digital Album

Variant Electronic are delighted to welcome Raphael Piacentino to our roster for our thirty-eight edition, with his first ever release.
From the south of France, he has DJ’d for a number of years and decided to try out producing, to great effect, a lot of variety and unique stylistic sounds throughout the EP.
He has been heavily influenced by metal, and you can hear that a lot in the tracks Silent Nurse and Innocence Pt I, 2 very different tracks with very industrial feelings throughout, Silent Nurse being the more experimental of the whole EP, it ebbs and flows, reminding of old Surgeon tracks.
Innocence Pt I is a 135 bpm banger with very busy percs and heavy bass drones, with some amazing drops throughout.
Stalker and Mysterious Skin are more refined, though just as well put together as the previously mentioned tracks. Stalker, the namesake for the release, is deep and flowing, lots of great use of space, and drones, with beautiful four on the floor kicks and percs. Mysterious Skin is also 130 beats per minute, but a lot heavier, keeping the four on the floor vibe going, this time going glitchy, the synth is admirable and well placed, the progression is fascinating and will sound amazing on the floor, just listen and hear for yourself.
You won’t be disappointed, this won’t be the last you hear from Raphael. Enjoy our latest addition.

released October 8, 2018

Written By: Raphaël Piacentino
Artwork By: Stickone
Mastered By: Luke Creed

Link to Variant Electronic Bandcamp:


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