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Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica)

Written by on March 23, 2020

Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica) 2Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica) 3

Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica) 1

Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica)

Record/Cassette + Digital Album

Delirium Amentis was published on the label Secuencia Laberíntica and is a compilation created from improvisations in the studio using only hardware.
You can find it in both digital and cassette format in a limited edition of only 20 copies.


Text extracted from the EP review at Mondo S0noro Magazine:

Mariona F.S. – 05-03-2020

There is no doubt that techno trance is one of the most complex dimensions of music today and represents a twist on EBM in the eighties. Mystery, strength and even toughness overflow in this sometimes underrated genre. Thus, from those catacombs of techno Amber is born; a Barcelona group, made up of Patrícia and Héctor, that explores the hidden places of experimental and industrial music with details of abstract EBM.

From that intense and unfathomable journey his first epé was born. “Delirium Amentis” is restlessness and restlessness and, as the same title says, insanity; a transitory madness that assaults you since the first single “We are trapped” starts playing. The album is built from analog sounds; distorted violin samples almost dreamlike and manipulated voices, through the use of modulars, which manage to breathe another atmosphere, denser and more serious. From this wonderful improvised fusion, that particular and organic sound is born that does not slacken on any theme of the seven cuts of this release.

The splendid single “Door To Goa” is a wink or, rather, an ode in the style of the eighties goa trance: a genre that both artists lived closely and that they wanted to remember. It is a psychedelic theme that, without being the main theme of “Delirium Amentis”, does unite each and every one of the pieces of this hypnotic puzzle full of pulsating melodies, traditional Hindu details and a unique energy.



Estamos atrapados 06:34
Shock 08:01
You make me Destroy 08:45
Door to Goa 08:30
Quod Inferius 07:31
Dead Dance 06:35
Transmutación Aleatoria (Digital Bonus) 08:05


Released October 1, 2019

All tracks recorded live by Ámbar in Barcelona for Secuencia Laberíntica, Spain 2019

Produced & Mixed by Ámbar

Cassette Mastered by Nasser
Digital Mastered by Xergio Córdoba (Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio)

Buy the EP on Secuencia Laberíntica Bandcamp

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