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PDR030 by Kenny Campbell & Sonic X (Pitch Dark Records)

Written by on May 23, 2020

PDR030by Kenny Campbell & Sonic X (Pitch Dark Records)

PDR030 by Kenny Campbell & Sonic X (Pitch Dark Records)

Digital Album

PDR030 sees the return of label head Kenny Campbell for his first solo material since PDR004 in 2017. Joining him for 3 of the tracks is Sonic X, who also features for the first time since PDR020 in 2018.

Delivering 6 tracks in total, three together and Kenny on his own with another 3.

Kicking off with Forever Bleak, which despite the name is a track which is filled with a prominent looping synth line. A driving kick and crisp percussion fill the rest of this dance floor influenced track.

Next is Repentant Man. A darker, heavier affair. The prominent synths replaced by plucky, metallic hits. The crisp percussion more twisted and distorted. This track is a relentless stomp from start to finish.

The final track from the collaboration is Last Train to Ostbahnhof. A track inspired by a Berlin trip in summer 2019. Another synth lead track, backed with the trademark heavier kick drum. A track that works in the main room and the sweat filled back room.

The first of Kenny’s solo tracks is Distorted Past, Desolate Future. Similar to earlier tracks in the release, driving kicks, distorted percussion and a further distorted 101 line are the order of the day here.

Follow No Leader is next and keeps the theme going. Another track aimed firmly at the the dance floor.

Closing the release is Degrading Society. A dark and heavy affair. The BPM is dropped down to 126 and the overall track is heavier, darker and more sinister than those that have come before it. Less emphasis on the kick and more on the overall feeling of impending doom. Is this just a statement? Is its a one off or does it signal a change of direction in Kenny’s sound? Time will tell…



Kenny Campbell & Sonic X – Forever Bleak 05:57
Kenny Campbell & Sonic X – Repentant Man 06:47
Kenny Campbell & Sonic X – Last Train to Ostbahnhof 05:29
Kenny Campbell – Distorted Past, Desolate Future
Kenny Campbell – Follow No Leader 05:50
Kenny Campbell – Degrading Society 06:32
Releases May 29, 2020
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