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Sintetics 10 years: Tronus – Javi Lago – trs. Second Showcase from Sintetics to celebrate their 10th year. Congrats and enjoy! Line Up: TRONUS Javi Lago trs Visuals by VJ Gaixa Studio Joan M Gaixa ——————– TRONUS Tronus is a new Barcelona based techno project with a unique, intense and emotional sound. A singular project […]

BASSIANI / HOROOM: HÉCTOR OAKS ■ ANETHA ■ KVANCHI ■ MERCURRIO Line Up: BASSIANI: Héctor Oaks Anetha —- HOROOM: Kvanchi Mercurrio ——————– Héctor Oaks Disk-jockey, running OAKS imprint. Bassiani | Herrensauna. As one of Europe’s most wanted underground weapons, Héctor Oaks style stands out for playing the unexpected and the highly engaging. As DJ, producer […]

KHIDI 中: SNTS ❚ STEPHANIE SYKES ❚ ROMAN ❚ KIRILL SHAPOVALOV ❚ POIMA   Line Up:   KHIDI: SNTS (Hybrid Set) (Sacred Court /SNTS) Stephanie Sykes  (Fullpanda / 47 / Prodigal Son / Jaded) Roman   G2: Kirill Shapalov Poima   TICKETS: I Pre-sale: 20 GEL [SOLD OUT] II Pre-sale: 30 GEL III Pre-sale: […]

Griessmuehle: Eclectique X Art Bei Ton w/ Blazej Malinowski, Justine Perry, Inner8, Izzi Bizzi Eclectique x Art Bei Ton will take place on November 8th, in the Griessmuehle. The key words of this one night are a combination of knowledge, science, music performance and visual arts.   TIME TABLE: Eclectique R_1 (Halle) 00:00 – 00:45: […]