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GEGEN001 by Esther Duijn, Scalameriya, Ayarcana and L Ʌ V Σ N (Gegen Records) Vinyl + Digital Album 12″ Black Vinyl A1 on the vinyl record is “Deity” by one of our resident Esther Duijn, with acid atmospheres reminiscent of the raves of the past, A2 is a reinterpretation by one of the pioneers of […]

Crime Wave by Makaton (Voitax) Vinyl + Digital Album Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl. First 50 records include an inlay print of Nina Röder’s artwork.   Following his last EP for the label, »Immaculata«, VOITAX mainstay Makaton returns to form with his second solo EP – »Crime Wave« . His meticulously crafted brand of techno spans […]

Visionary 02 by K3rn3l Pøissøn, Pelacha, Serkin and Trømmel (Redsonja Records) Vinyl + Digital Album Limited Edition 12″ 180g Black / Gold Vinyl. 150 copies available worldwide.   Redsonja Records is proud to present reference number 20 in our catalog, Visionary 02, in the same format as the previous release (Visionary 01 – RS16). The […]

SVG002: Casper Hastings – Reinvention EP (Remixes by No Moon, Sancta Sanctorum) Sticky Ground Vinyl + Digital Album Limited Edition 12″ x 180g Vinyl with 3mm carton sleeve and black inner sleeve. 300 copies available worldwide.   We are so pleased to announce that our second release on the SVG catalogue will be a great […]

No Matter The Honor by Nuit Noire – NN (Demian Records) Demian 03 12″ Record/Vinyl + Digital Album   Reinforcing the strong cinematic imprint of the label, this third release underlines the efficiency of such tenebrous atmospheres mixed up with strong tribal-inspired rythmes. The shamanic journey NN offers goes from war inspired atmospheres to ethnic […]

FLmm + Time Traveler Present Power Levelling Sequence PLS.UK VA002 By FLmm, Time Traveler, 138, Chafik Chennouf, MDD and Dj Overdose Record/Vinyl + Digital Album What lures in the darkness can often intimidate and petrify. Pls.Uk have been guided along by disguised hands, herding the powerhouse label to a bevy of high octane releases that accentuate […]

I SEE DEATH IN YOUR EYES by Downwell Record/Vinyl + Digital Album   Downwell is a techno project from Tbilisi, Georgia. basically oriented on Electronic Body Music,post-punk and heavy industrial techno sounds, Behind it is the producer, Live performer and DJ Giorgi Kolbaia, who is also the operator of the techno digital label `333-999 Records’. […]

SARIN – MORAL CLEANSING [BITE010] by SARIN Record/Vinyl + Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album SARIN, the A/V industrial technoid electronics project of Emad Dabiri, releases his first ever full-length album Moral Cleansing on BITE. After debuting on the label last year with his Kuleshov Effect EP followed up by a collaborative 12” with Imperial […]

Modern Anxious Vernacular [HVN006] by Keepsakes – HAVEN Record/Vinyl + Digital Album For Haven’s sixth release in their main series co-head Keepsakes returns to the label with his first EP of 2019 and a new, slower direction for his sound. Following on from a busy touring schedule in the previous year and well received EPs […]

Veer by Tommy Four Seven (47) 2 x 12″ black vinyl 140g Gatefold LP Record/Vinyl + Digital Album — The British DJ and producer Tommy Four Seven will release his second album, Veer on April 5, 2019 via his label, 47. Veer sees Tommy further refine his disruptive take on Techno and is his first […]