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Time Traveler

FLmm + Time Traveler Present Power Levelling Sequence PLS.UK VA002 By FLmm, Time Traveler, 138, Chafik Chennouf, MDD and Dj Overdose Record/Vinyl + Digital Album What lures in the darkness can often intimidate and petrify. Pls.Uk have been guided along by disguised hands, herding the powerhouse label to a bevy of high octane releases that accentuate […]

Jaded with Viscerale (UK Debut) Jasmine Azarian & Hüb, Time Traveler, Raymundo Rodriguez, Cramp and Not Mass Viscerale (UK Debut) Jasmine Azarian Karlshorst Klub Raymundo Rodriguez Room 2 Curated by Hüb Time Traveler Cramp Not Mass HübOn 25th November, the Children Of Jaded will be treated to an Industrial, EBM & Electro-tinged Sunday celebrating the […]

Showing Incisors to the Industry LP by Time Traveler (Obscuur Records) Record/Vinyl + Digital Album   A season of musical’s silence loud broken by a brand new Time Traveler Lp made up of overriding beats thumping the whole composition. Cut to the chase grooves sledgehammered bass frequencies almost provided by big kicks and harsh distorted […]