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ISMVA002.1 by Various artists (Ismus) Digital Album   New amazing compilation from Ismus including tracks from great artists such as Tim Tama, Oposition, Trym, Mercury 200 or Tkivilsaari that without any doubt are in our list of favourite producers.   Tracklist: 1. MRD – Fastlane (Original Mix) 07:42 2. Tkivilsaari – No Joy, No Misery […]

Steǝr #2 – TRYM, Monsieur Nobody, PONA, MSKD and Matrheim   Line up: TRYM FB : SC : MONSIEUR NOBODY Live FB : SC : PONA Live FB : SC : MSKD Live Influencé par le mouvement électronique global et ses sous-cultures qui l’encadre, MSKD rejoint la bassline de […]