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10 Years Tag X with Dax J – Pfirter – Vlaysin Live +++ 06.10.2018

Artheater [Cologne]

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Date: October 6, 2018
Time: 23:00
Location: Artheater
Address: Ehrenfeldgürtel 127, 50823 Cologne

tag x 10 years vlaysin

10 Years Tag X with Dax J – Pfirter – Vlaysin Live +++ 06.10.2018

One decade of Tag X

Dax J | Monnom Black – Electric Deluxe – UK
Pfirter | Mind Trip – Stroboscopic Artefacts – ARG
Vlaysin Live | Mord – Rive Droite Rec. – FR
Cortechs Live | D!st!nct – Tag X – Inside
Al Zwodezwo | Tag X
Dj MiNjO! | Tag X
Jester Rush | Tag X
Christian Zah | Tag X – Wach & Wütend – Brutalism
Jan Keuchen | Tag X
Wedel&Niesen| Tag X

Actually, it’s hard to put into words how grateful we have been for the last ten years. Let’s try … Our goal was and is to be part of the whole and to bring you a smile on your face again and again. The realization of doing just this night after night is our motivation. Alone for that we are incredibly thankful. It was not always easy to convince the Kölsch Klüngel, but we have always gone our own way and kept to our philosophy. We do not want to sound too emotional or even slimy, but that’s easy. A thousand thanks to the Artheater, friends, colleagues, colleagues, acts and of course to the Party People. Applause and a lot of love for you friends!

We deliberately opted for main acts that have been guests at Day X once or twice.

All three are long-time or new companions of the last 10 years.

After his Cologne premiere in December 2016 in our basement, there was no way around a return. The unique Dj, producer and label boss of Monnom Black … DAX J is one of those, after a short time not to imagine the Champions League of techno. He is now regular at the big festivals and can prove headline shows at the Awakenings or Reaktor events. However, his sound always moves in the underground. Like no other, he knows how to enthuse with his unmistakable groove.

For the 5th time, the Argentinean PFIRTER will be our guest. The MindTrip label head is a luminary for atmospheric, perfect, driving, but also industrial techno. Labels such as CLR, PoleGroup, or Stroboscopic Artefacts are ripping off their productions and releasing them for years.

Last but not least VLAYSIN aka Octave. He gives himself the 6th time the honor, but for the first time he comes under his new alias in the artheater. Modular live sound perfectly staged for the dancefloor. This will be a very special experience that we are especially looking forward to.

In addition, only our Day X Residents will be behind the decks. In the circle of the family, it is the most beautiful. And of course you should not miss it, we look forward to an unforgettable 10 Years Tag X Rave with you!


Rave to the grave …

Enough tickets at the door!