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Departed w/ Under Black Helmet, RVDE, Sentimental Rave and Hirschmann @BT59 29.09.2018 Bègles

BT59 [Bègles]

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Date: September 29, 2018
Time: 23:55
Location: BT59
Address: 59 rue des Terres Neuves, 33130 Bègles

Departed w/ Under Black Helmet, RVDE, Sentimental Rave and Hirschmann @BT59 29.09.2018 Bègles

Who says new season, says new panorama of European electronic music. The team went to find a Lithuanian, two Italians and a Parisian and brings them back in their suitcases to proudly present them to the Bordeaux public. Without a doubt, it is an intense fight that awaits the brave dancers who will dare to confront these ruthless techno soldiers that are RVDE, Under Black Helmet and Sentimental Rave!

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Sentimental Rave (Paris)

When the party mingles with the passions, when music rhymes with struggle for a more egalitarian world, when the hardcore techno meets the emotions and the rage to live. Real diamond of the Parisian scene and a reflection of a youth who fights with his weapons, Sentimental Rave embodies the free party and engaged in what it has more incandescent.
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Under Black Helmet [Code Is Law, Mord Records] ✈ Vilnius (Lituanie)

Lithuanian once settled in Berlin and then again based in his native Vilnius, the man who hides under the black helmet is another rising star on the European scene. Past master in the dark art of chiseled and dark techno, Mørbeck’s protege gradually extends his dark realm across the Old Continent.
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RVDE [Overdraw, Pls.Uk, T/W/B] ✈ Milan (Italie)

Adriano and Vasco compose and play a techno that draws its strength from the rough sounds of the early hours of the rave and the violence of modern industrial music. All wrapped in a groovy and gleaming alloy that feels like a fist in the face.
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Hirschmann [Eclipse Collective] – Bordeaux

Young Bordelais maintains a tortuous universe, fed with cryptic rites and raw rhythms, sailing towards acidic nappies according to his desires. Adventurous in his selections, he tries to make the link between different directories and does not hesitate to share his nuggets and his love for music on each of his releases.
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RA :

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59 rue des Terres Neuves
33130 Bègles.

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Early Birds : 5€ + expenses YURPLAN
Préventes : 10€ + fdl
Sur place : 15€ (CB accepted)

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Visuals : Clément // Visuel
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