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Donations Project at Bajofondo Club

Bajofondo CLUB [Barcelona]

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Date: May 31, 2018
Time: 17:30
Location: Bajofondo CLUB
Address: Rambla Raval, 8, 08001 Barcelona

Donations is a project that arises from the need to help others as a result of fostering culture, giving a hand to those who need it most and giving support to everyone who is in a precarious situation.
Donations will create a series of artistic events in which all the money raised will be used to buy food and basic material for charities or food banks dedicated to taking care of the most needy.
People collaborate in many different ways; with their art like GAIXASTUDIO Joan M Gaixa (Visuals), Kiko R-D Photographer (Photographer specialized in electronic music), Manuel BD (Graphic design), Stelar Booking, Psychoskunk, Moog and Gus Van Sound (giving vinyls and T-shirts for the contest, and of course the venue Bajofondo CLUB, Structured Collective and the artists that will perform for the event.
Tonight artists:
– The Obscurs Live
Gus Van Sound
You can also collaborate by many ways, go there and enjoy the music and the vibe, participate in the contest and please share the event or invite your friends.
Donations we are all, come and collaborate!