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DVS1 / Sigha / Latzaro at Razzmatazz 07.09.2018

Razzmatazz The Loft [Barcelona]

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Date: September 7, 2018
Time: 23:59
Location: Razzmatazz The Loft
Address: Pamplona 88 Barcelona

DVS1 / Sigha / Latzaro at Razzmatazz 07.09.2018
DVS1 + Sigha + Latzaro @ The Loft

From 01:00am till 06:00am



Immersed in the heydays of the ’90s Midwest rave scene, DVS1 (Zak Khutoretsky) has gained a highly respected reputation for his versatile skills, infectious energy and physical power behind the decks…

As a resident DJ of Berlin’s infamous Berghain / Panorama Bar, he moves floors of the world’s most prestigious and best venues crafting the art of DJing through always being in the mix, pushing his own boundaries and sensitively reacting to the people’s energy. Molded by massive sound systems composed of walls of speakers, DVS1’s vision of techno is based on the physical power of music. Zak’s pure approach of sound being his personal channel to capture the very moment in time is as dedicated as his continuation to shape the electronic scene in his hometown Minneapolis – from throwing illegal warehouse parties to owning a nightclub to running his own sound company for two decades.

After his first original releases on Klockworks and Transmat, he was not only introduced to a bigger audience, hence creating a strong fellowship for his own imprints: While HUSH showcase DVS1’s love for deep, purist techno and only his music, Mistress Recordings reflects his wide range as a beat and rhythm addict presenting some of his secret weapons that touches all corners of the dance floor and beyond. With a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of more than 30,000 records, DVS1 is also renowned as an outspoken defender of underground’s true values that established the American DJ, producer and label owner as a truly exceptional character of today’s contemporary electronic music scene.



Sigha is the alias of London Based techno producer, James Shaw. To date he has released primarily on Hotflush Recordings, Blueprint Recordings his own imprint Our Circula Sound and been commissioned to provide remixes for a wide range of labels including CLR, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others.



Sergi Carré aka Latzaro has been involved in the clubbing scene in Barcelona for nearly/over a decade, passing through some of the city’s most prestigious venues for techno including the likes of Razzmatazz, Nitsa, Moog and KGB.
The club that has best seen Latzaro develop as an artist is The Loft, Razzmatazz, having had a residency for more than 3 years, he has shared his cabin with some of the world’s most well-known Electronic DJs.

Even though Latzaro can be versatile, having played with styles more prominent to house and disco, his natural preference is Techno. His sets are filled with an array of sounds from the purest of Detroit to the more industrial sounding German techno, from punchy Swedish techno to English 90s Acid/rave. Latzaro´s main aim with his sets is to bring perfect balance and harmony to a mix of potent hammers and uplifting rhythms, in order to create an ever changing sonorous landscape filled with groove and that almost has a soul.

Since last november 2014, Latzaro has found himself working alongside David Ayats (graphic designer) on their record label DROK Records.

Latzaro is actually involved in a new but really great project being one of the co-founders and resident DJ at BAHN· that this next Friday 14th of September arrives to the 7th edition bringing to Barcelona YYYY Live, Memorial Home and Latzaro himself at Razzmatazz.


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