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Live From Multiverse 02

Secret Location [Barcelona]

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Date: February 22, 2020
Time: 21:00
Location: Secret Location
Address: Barcelona

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Posted by Live From Multiverse on Friday, 21 February 2020

Live From Multiverse 02

Live From Multiverse 02
BCN. Secret Location
Sáb/Sat. 22.02.2020 / 21:00 – 3:00

Line up:
Alpha Decay Live
Furial Synth Live
Insolvn C Live
Tintin Live
opaaco Live Visuals


– Alpha Decay (Live)

Alpha Decay aka Ambre is a modular synthesizer sound project born in Barcelona from a DIY building process of the engine. Noisy-melodic broken beats with a quite obvious rave background, every performance begin with a patch prepared and then lets place to live improvisation.

– Insolvn C (Live)

Insolvn C, a new project from Ian Vogel, lashes out in frustration at a state in decline. In absence of coherence and with an empty chest, we resign to angular and dense palettes, suspended somewhere between saturation and resolution. In a stateful descent into acceptance, we vacillate between ecstasy and dread. Insolvn C suggests a sonic location somewhere in that exchange. Broken paces, overdriven connections, drifting out of awareness, and back into tinnitus.

In January 2020, Ian released his latest work as Etkats – Drawing Sleep Curves Into Blotches – a moody but optimistic LP that explores various palettes of techno, performed and recorded with a traditional hardware sequencing approach.


After more than a decade organizing free Psytrance parties, FULLCOLORBOY had the pleasure of experimenting with a Korg Electribe; moment in which he began to really enjoy programming music. Today he has an extensive and varied work, from progressive Psytrance to Techno and Electro, as well as the option to create live sounds and compositions and from scratch according to the ambient situation.

We recommend that you also listen to his parallel project
Fluorboy & Chicobronx, the new Live project with 2 KORG Electribe MX togther with FULLCOLORBOY (Barcelona) and Jaumeth (Bilbao). It consits of dark and powerfull Live psychedelic Sets and Jam Sessions with the sound starting from zero.

– Tintin (Live)

From Salamanca, resident DJ of clubs like Beatz, Cubic or Level.
Currently residing in Barcelona
Has published on labels such as Illegal Alien Records, Sintetics or DkN Selections.
Tintin will make us an analog LIVE ACT with elektron synthesizers and groovebox.
He will offer us a mix of Techno, Experimental, Drone and FM.

Here you can enjoy the recording of his Live that made for the Podcast / Streaming series of the friends from Bunker Sets:

– Furial Synth (Live)

opaaco (Live Visuals)

A researcher of the mistake and neuroplasticity stimulator. opaaco’s way of evolving passes through constant phases of compulsively organizing his bad ideas together with the good, but badly executed, ones.microscopes, magnifying glasses, self-made gear and old cameras can commonly be found in his surroundings, where hybrid glitch collages materialize into something visible.

This last years opaaco has been performing his visuals in locations and events such as Dutch Modular Fest, Waking Life, Modular Day BCN, Teorema, Centre Cívic Sagrada Família, Sala Apolo, BARTS, Kemikal Bunker, Diffuse Reality Records o EKA Palace.


Live From Multiverse 02
The 22 February 2020 Event

Secret Location – More info by private message on FB or SC


5 Live PA

Live Visuals

Live From Multiverse is a collaborative platform and a new series of events focused on Live PA and Live visuals from artists, labels and collectives that share our passion for Live interpretation, self-expression and sharing of knowledge through Podcasts from live recordings, info about artists that will be difficult to find, live streams and video projections in unusual and unexpected places full of character.