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Millenials X Hades: Sarasvat ◘ Clinical Hates ◘ Downwell ◘ Amir

HADES [Batumi]

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Date: November 15, 2019
Time: 23:55
Location: HADES
Address: Khimshiashvili 22 str. Batumi
Millenials X Hades: Sarasvat ◘ Clinical Hates ◘ Downwell ◘ Amir
Millenials X Hades: Sarasvat ◘ Clinical Hates ◘ Downwell ◘ Amir

▌▒ Millenials X Hades ▌▒

Hades (Batumi, Khimshiashvili 22 str.)

On November 15th, Millenials will present their second series of events at Club Hades.
The line-up will be formed by the four young Georgian and Iranian artists Sarasvat, Clinical Hates, Downwell and Amir Yar, whose DJ sets are distinguished by their dynamism and exceptional charge.

Sarasvat • Nika Jorbenadze’s techno project from Tbilisi. He has been appearing on the stage of the electronic music scene since 2018 with this stage name, and the name was soon established. His debut single “Rave 4 Freedom” was released on November (2018) on the Land (Dance) Records label. Rileys came out only in plate format. It premiered on the techno YouTube channel “HATE”. Rileys has three tracks that respond to raids at Tbilisi clubs on May 12. After that, the artist releases two releases “Models” and “SKRTVL” a month later, this time on the Milan-based label Industrial Techno United.
To date, he has released six record releases in various countries: “TERRA FURIA” (Argentina), “Traum Techno Germany” (Germany), “Belieri Records” (Georgia).

Clinical Hates • Vano Fifia Techno Project, created in 2018. It focuses on the heavy industrial voices of its last track. The artist is considered a member of the SCTR family and the founder of the label Belieri Record. During this short time, he managed to release 5 EP albums and also participated in 2 V / A compilation. He is actively collaborating with various foreign labels, including HEX Barcelona. At this point its next release is released in V / A compilation.

Downwell • George Kolbaia’s techno project is mainly focused on heavy industrial and hypertonic sounds. He was influenced by Inhalt Der Nacht and Ansome, which is also reflected in his techno sets, his tracks are demarcated on the label Industrial Techno United which can be heard on Hate Lab.
His new EP “I See Death In Your Eyes” will be released in Spain via Oraculo Records, available on various Record Stores across Europe.

Amir Yar • Is an Iranian techno DJ. He focuses on Hard Techno, but also uses Acid Techno throughout its sets. He started his career in 2017 and has been active in Georgia since 2018.