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Speaks Silence Showcase IV w/ Kastil Modular Live, Audiolux and Rubble Body at Lolita – Razzmatazz Barcelona 17.08.2018

The Club M7 [Barcelona]

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Date: August 17, 2018
Time: 23:59
Location: The Club M7
Address: Carrer Mexic 7 Barcelona

Speaks Silence Showcase IV w/ Kastil Modular Live, Audiolux and Rubble Body at Lolita – Razzmatazz Barcelona 17.08.2018



Rubble Bødy

The gray transparence of the sound needs big doses of artist, as we present you with a big pride in this fourth edition of Speaks Silence to Kastil that is going to delight us with a Live in Razzmatazz.
Mario Castillo a.k.a Kastill, operating from Vitoria-Gasteiz and with more than one decade of experience behind the plates, has been reinventing its sound as producer since Soul arose to scene with its first throwing in vinyl in 2011 in its own stamp Notice.
Across the same one, it has been very consistent with a wide current of sounds, which they lodge from the roots of the house and the acid, to the techno and the experimental most forceful or most abstract. For a pair of years, its works as producer have been based predominantly on the electronic instruments, and the personal evolution and learning with modular synthesizers, taking him to a much more experimental area and of analogical textures, which are reflected in its current productions more faced to the techno, the IDM or the ambient.
Its current domain with the modular ones and the machines of study, already recognized by several unconditional of the electronic music, as well as its recent worry for the recordings of field, the electroacústica and the construction of physical, and virtual instruments in platforms like Max For Live, has led him in this year 2015 to inaugurating its new direct one formed by several modular synthesizers and boxes of rhythms, in which the improvisation is the predominant key and the exclusivity of every performance, its personal obsequiousness for the listeners.

With the throwing in 2015 of the new series in Soul vinyl Notice so called “Stale”, it focuses a new stage in which they will have fitted sounds more linked to its beginnings like dj, established in the techno of dark and abstract dyes, but with a renewed air that they contribute its most eclectic and personal vision up to the date, fruit of the investigation in its sonic Gasteiz laboratory.

By means of its current works in the stamp of Ben Sims, Symbolism, along with J.C., a new EP for the British stamp THOUSAND (MIL), and several discs for its new stamp Stale with the participation of big international names, penetrates into a new year loaded with big projects and new horizons.

Accompanying Kastil also the founders of the label will be, Speaks Silencee formed by Audioluxx, that he knows how making us travel with these hypnotic and deep sounds and Rubble Bodyy who after more than one decade after the scene of the techno knows how mind to interfere in ours and to guide us across its music.

Speaks Silence has left a big trace after the later editions with this piece of live of big Eric Fetcherr in the first edition, followed by a big artist of the national ambience like Christian Wünsch who developed a live in this second edition and like not, to remember all the last edition in the Loft with this piece of duo of SHXCXCHCXSH live.

Artwork by Raul Ruiz.