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JÆLBiRD JÆLBiRD is an anonymous DJ/Producer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His style is a fast paced unforgiving Industrial Techno sound that goes from Acid to Hard and Industrial Techno arriving to Gabber. Having quite an extensive musical background and being inspired by artists like SNTS, Paula Temple or [KRTM] he started making Techno himself and […]

Digital Vault is Barcelona-based Techno and industrial noise DJ. After two decades of supporting the electronic music scene in Barcelona, Digital Vault as a DJ, likes to explore various industrial rhythms and eclectic influences, all in line with his musical taste. Techno, Industrial noise and EBM are his favorite music styles, somewhere between gray and […]

HFR is 22 years old, based in Munich, Germany, and has been playing Techno intensively for the last 2 years. His DJ Sets are characterized by fast and hard-minded beats. Together with his mates founded the Techno-Collective “Parallelbetrieb”; an open minded platform of creative minds and art enthusiasts aiming to create a new series of […]

  DAISY is a DJ from Warrington, UK, and started her journey with her local rave firm Subrosa. Her style focuses on blending the harshest kicks from the depths of the industrial underworld with acidic rhythms and emotional euphoric breaks paired with the relentless pace and energy of the speediest side of techno and beyond. […]

Kløne is a duo formed by two twin brothers born in Barcelona. David and Sergi started this project in mid-2016 and debuted with their first release on the Lunar Limited label, which includes remixes by Ricardo Garduno and Marla Singer. They also have other productions on labels such as Vector Functions Records, Fartlek Rec., Kaputt-Musik […]

Berlin-based live duo and production unit, OPERANT, have progressively carved out their own space in the scene with boundary-defying electronic explorations, fuelled with tension and obscurity. A collaborative project between Instruments of Discipline founder, Luna Vassarotti and August Skipper, OPERANT have been serving a selective stream of output through the label with a focus on […]

Kurohyo is a project born in late 2017 as a consequence of the concern for creating a techno completely away from any mainstream trend, through a very personal sound; thoroughly cultivated in previous projects. His sound may be regarded as raw techno, with solid kicks, speedy percussions and absence of any linear pattern; for the […]

Ámbar was formed in 2016 by Barcelona artists Patricia Ferrer and Héctor Sousa. They spent years grinding down the sharp edges of their sound. This sound is a series of voltages, connections, filters, and sequences reverberating inside them that translates through modular systems, synthesizers, and rhythm machines. They mix their classical education from Liceu de […]

Passionate about electronic music since he was 10 years old. After many years on the decks and many events behind him, he has a good experience as a mixer sharing the booth with top-level artists in some of the best clubs in Spain and performing abroad in France and Germany. His sessions are characterized by […]

Opaaco A researcher of the mistake. opaaco’s way of evolving passes through constant phases of compulsively organizing his bad ideas together with the good, but badly executed, ones.microscopes, magnifying glasses, self-made gear and old cameras can commonly be found in his surroundings, where hybrid glitch collages materialize into something visible. This last years opaaco has […]

LEVS is the stage name from Levan Gvenetazde, a multi skilled 31 years old Georgian born in Tskaltubo residing in the capital of Georgia. His skills that we were talking go from DJing to sound engineering, sound making and stage management, things that he has been doing for 14 years. He combines his career as […]

  Mattia and Paolo, aka Küetzal and Sancta Sanctorum get to know each other in Milan during their Sound Design studies. Coming from different musical backgrounds such as classical, house and hip hop, they start sharing their experiences beginning an artistic path that will lead them to London. The British capital will host their musical […]