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ASH Space Music

Music producer, dj and percussionist, co-founder of Putis!, one of the mainly party label and artist collective based in Barcelona. Addicted by the music is known by his personality like a dj and exciting abilities on the mixing, inspired by old school techno cracks like Murphy, Oscar Mulero and Ben Klock, he does cuts and apply effects that able to work the sound elements separately and rhythmically reconstruct, developing subtle, exotic and elaborated mixes. Originally from São Paulo – Brasil, Asha a.k.a. Leandro Rossi is inside the music industry since 1998 playing, sampling, recording bands and producing his own music.

His way to produce is with analog machines and the definition is techno, industrial, minimalistic, floating atmospheres and synth melodies more hypnotic has possible, clean fat pulsing killer bass line bombs, sometimes with sensual, abstract and demonic vocals, characteristics that make their art innovative and free. In collaboration with other artists like Josh Ayala and Nanni he also produce other kind of music, but this doesn’t influence on his sessions and solo carrier!

He has played in several clubs in São Paulo and southern Brazil, Buenos Aires (AR), Lyon (FR) and Barcelona (ES) where he lives since 2012.Today he are dedicated to the music production and dj carrier. Between his music references they are Rødhåd, Ben Klock, Jeff Rushin, Markus Suckut and Mattias Fridell. He are spinned in the best local clubs and parties like El Row, La Terrrazza, CatWalk, Moog, Mac Arena Mar, City Hall, BeCool, Under Club, Macarena, Boulevard BLVD y Barts. For Asha, the goal of each set is to inspire freedom, disconnection of the mind, create a feeling of well being in a collective sensory fusion and make the dance floor express itself spontaneously through music.

Don’t listen music! feel and make love with!