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Klandestine Structured

Born in Malaga in 1988, begins his relationship with electronic music by attending
break beat events and listening to artists like Freq Nasty, Autobots, Rennie Pilgrem,
Prodigy… he settled in Granada at the age of 17 where he began to really be interested in
the world of music and began to deepen, very influenced by Reggae (Israel
vibration, Alpha Blondy, The Wailers, Alboroise) and attending more and more festivals and festivals that were bringing together the most important artists of the music scene at that time.
In Granada starts to develop his taste and to refine in more concrete styles such as breaks, drum and bass or jungle and starts to make his first DJ Sets.
At the end of 2009 embarks with a group of DJ friends in a project called PaLaNKa WaRRioRS; an electronic music collective made to spread the message of free party. With the name J.Flies and being part of the Palanka Collective began appearing in the Granada night scene, mixing on several venues of Andalusia in cities such as Granada (El tren, Quilombo …), Malaga (Paris 15, Trinchera room) or Córdoba (Metropolis).

Years later due to his profession moves to Barcelona where he disconnects from the drum and bass and rave scene from Andalusia and begins to enter in to the world of Techno with influences such as Rødhåd, Rod, AnD, SNTS, Jeff Mills, British Murder Boys, Regis, Ansome, Tadeo, Yan Cook, Oscar mulero, PEARL, Exium or Luke Slater… motivated and instructed by some of the dj of Barcelona’s night scene and especially by Mario Picosso.
He began to learn about this world, polishing his taste for Techno.

Currently is part of the Structured Collective with the nickname Klandestine and believes faithfully in the musical movement as the only motivating weapon.
“Believe in free music for free people … in order to share and learn.”


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Photo by Kiko R-D Photographer