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009. Broken Hill

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Broken Hill

(Structured) Sun. 06.01.2018 18:00 CET Broken Hill - Brkn.hll

BROKEN HILL is a project born from desire to unite the knowledge and skills of its two components Oriol Albesa and Joaquin Padilla who started their journey through the world of electronic music together.

After more than a decade of individually developed techniques and track selection behind the decks, they have come together to offer their vision of techno, focused on the dance floor, the dancer, with tunes of an unpredictable nature.

Having had a studio together for the last few years, they feel their shared learning to create and develop their own sound is an essential part in the project now in hand.

Since 2016 they are part of the Barcelona based techno collective Structured and “usual suspects” of other great Barcelona initiatives such as Astra  Space Travel, BAHN·, TechnoTrippin’ and the mighty Structured Showcases.