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Cyklos (Concerns Music / Kindcrime / Bunker Sets)

CYKLOS (Concerns Music / Kindcrime / Bunker Sets)

Javi Sanchez (Cyklos), DJ and producer based in Barcelona. After more than 15 years in the music business, his sessions are well-refined and his style is a very personal journey full of influential artists such as Regis, Rumenige, Dave Clarke, Drumcell, Speedy J, Truncate, Brian Sanhaji, Oscar Mulero, Christian Wunsch, Exium and Polar Inertia.

Cyklos is darkness. His sounds are deep and atmospheric and are underlined by kick drums and hi-hats in their purest energetic form. A good mix of classic and contemporary, old and new, reality and hypnosis.
For the last few years Javi has been hard at work in his studio where he has also edited his first track ‘ Abstrako’ for Underground Family Records. For March 2016, Javi’s EP ‘Dislexia ‘ released on Barcelona based Record label Monark Recordings. July 2016 date published Drex Ep. in one of the reference label Labrynth Records. He has also recently founded a new project called ‘Bunker Sets’ which is focused on presenting established and up and coming artists in an audiovisual format so far including, Javi Lago, Korben Nice, Lowsystem, Audiolux, Røtter, TØrk…
In early 2016 creates Cykkter with Røtter. This project saw the light at the end of the year with a throw of four tracks published in Concerns Kalter Ende Music label.
In 2018 released his first vinyl alongside Kalter Ende, and also released some tracks on Kindcrime and Simplecoding Recordings.

Recently released a new EP with Solemne Records. This EP is named Ascension and you can enjoy it at his own Soundcloud account:

Ref.: Ascension Ep. [Solemne Records 003]
Cyklos – Ascension ( Original mix )
Cyklos – Nebulae (Original Mix )
Cyklos – Dronne Paranoia (Original Mix)

2018 it’s going to continue to be a really productive year for Cyklos as he is going to release in the next months new music with 3 different labels: Sintetics, Geometrika FM and Subsist rec.