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025. MELANIA .

MELANIA . is a Berlin based artist who’s musical adventure began by the end of 2014. Since then she regulary plays Europewide and well known clubs like Tresor, about:blank, IFZ, Arena Club or last but not least, Suicide Circus, where she is a frequent host of the widely known Rituals series. Moreover she’s a co-founder of the project VERZERRUNG, which is mainly focused on the Industrial/Wave party series at the the renowned Project Lab in Poznan (Poland) besides that she is a frequent resident at ORDEN / Hirscheneck in Basel (Switzerland).

Above all that, Melania is firmly focused on her own productions, which so far have been released on aufnahme+wiedergabe, Oraculo Records, Subsist Records, Labrynth and Round.

Her eclectic sets are mostly based on energetic Industrial, Techno, EBM, Electro, Rhytmic Noise and Experimental. Means heavy genres which she periodically combines with a creative touch of uplifting and emotional melodies/vocals or unexpected change of atmosphere. Her selection is completely focused on her feeling, thereby it stays beyond limitations to a specific genre.

This sound evokes what is beyond the words, reaches directly to the heart and unleashes the soul. Each of her sets is a story with a complex plot, keeping her audience in constant suspense and anticipation. Her unique vibe relies on unpredictability and constantly being on the move.