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026. Irrational Language

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Irrational Language

Irrational Language (Nodrize Records)

Irrational Language is the new project of the producer Aphonico, a new alias with a new concept that integrates the most outsiders aspects within conventional techno.

The artist mute his skin embarking on a journey through acid music, electro, industrial music and the idm that results in the invoice of three new themes that combine all the good of each style brought to their side and that are oriented to the dance tracks less accommodated.

Irrational Language is the desire to cover a whole musical spectrum that includes part of the main tendencies within techno and that stand out for their rave and wild spirit that impregnates them with an unusual freshness for this type of productions, and that is that the New suit suits him well.

Irrational Language is very aware of the 4×4 pattern, but it also assumes the rest of incorporating cut rhythms on the oppressive textures that characterize its dark setting, and in that challenge it manages to emerge victorious by providing dynamism and a forceful punch for greater rejoicing of the dance floor.

The interpretation of techno music presented here is executed in a sober and concise, without fanfare, but with much knowledge of the environment and therefore very effectively. The rhythmic base, in its eternal flight forward, goes through a few dystopian and industrial places that provide a patina of tension that completely transgresses the comfort of the listener, and puts it squarely into everything that techno wants to show us when He tells us that darkness can also be our friend.