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032. Lowsystem


Mario Alonso, more known in the electronic world as Lowsystem is a Dj/Producer born and raised in Salamanca ( Spain ).
His interest about electronic music and especially Techno started early, mainly influenced by Jeff Mills, Regis, Surgeon and Oscar Mulero.

He started to play in 2006 in clubs like Sala Zeus de Medina del Campo and export his music to Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Asturias, Galicia and Barcelona and in festivals like Festival Internacional de las Artes in Salamanca and the Fresweekend
He quickly crossed his country’s frontier, playing in Portugal ( Covhila ) and Germany ( Berlin ).There, he shared the scene with artists such as Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Regis, Sandwell District, Function, Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Reeko, Exium, Christian Wunsch…

In 2016 he moved to Barcelona to join the label Speaks Silence and showed to Catalan public his music selection and technic in Razzmatazz and Astra Space Travel several times.

Lowsystem is one of the pillars and active member of Speaks Silence’s artistic part.
A virtuoso behind the cabin that walks over any mode and ideology if he speaks Techno.
Indentity plays the main role when Lowsystem creates a set. His sessions describes a story, written with hypnotic, obscure, classics of techno and an admirable technique with three vinyl decks, and turn it to a unique experience.