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BETTS - Structured


Beatriz Rodriguez is Betts. Natural from Valladolid but resident in Barcelona. Her first musical contact was in the mid-90s with purely Industrial electronic music, but the real crush was with Techno, at the end of this decade when she discovered it by attending numerous events in her city and surroundings.

In 2012 she began her career as a DJ, with DJ Sets ranging from Hip Hop and Dub, through various electronic sounds, to forceful Breaks, without forgetting her Industrial origin. In 2013 she moves to Barcelona, ​​where decides to create sessions where Techno is what predominates, although always with a personal touch linked to broken rhythms and the most experimental electronics.

In Barcelona has been performing in venues such as MOOG, LAUT, Macarena, M7, R33, Salon Kitty, Razzmatazz and the parties of Astra Space Travel, Insert, Rezonanz and Structured, a collective of which she is member since 2016 and performs regularly at their events. At a national level, venues such as Siroco (Madrid), Soportales (Pamplona), Tamberly (Valladolid) and Pagoa (Donosti), have danced to her rhythms.

She has a joint A / V project with other artists and friends called Assault Weapons 4.4, with which they usually perform at a charitable music events series called Donations, in which they collaborate offering their music and visuals in venues such as The Garage of The Bass Valley in Barcelona or NVCLI in Valencia.

Her Sets are loaded with various nuances and rhythms, with a great evolution from start to finish, always following a dark but forceful line.