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ZAU (4Dimensions)

ZAU (4 Dimensions)

ZAU (4 Dimensions)

ZAU (4Dimensions)
DJ and producer from Menorca (Balearic Islands) based in Barcelona.


ZAU: Born in 1992, in Menorca under the name of Artús Miravet Sais. For diverse reasons he moved from one place to another. Already as a child he started interacting with various instruments and some keyboard and drum machines.

Electronic music has been part part of his life since young but until 2012 didn’t started to get involved in DJing with a group of friends. One year later, thanks to Sinert and Kafadam, he was introduced into production.

Based on advice and several experiences (like attending Insert club, which marked a before and after, in his musical style), he experimented with electronic music and decided to dedicate himself to Techno.

He doesn’t believe in labels, since music always has the last word.