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049. NN (Nuit Noire)

049. NN (Nuit Noire) shows


(Demian Records)

NN (Nuit Noire)
NN (Nuit Noire) is a DJ and producer from Paris with taste for dark and industrial techno that we don’t know too much really about but we really like what he is doing. Having recently released an EP called Dystopian Society on the new parisian label Demian Records gives us the opportunity to know and enjoy more from his work.

“With this release, the artist lays the foundations of the label. Through four original tracks, NN (Nuit Noire) offers a romanticized EP, rich in cinematographic landscapes. He portrays various scenes of a dystopian world.

From the power of ancestral ritual to epic choruses, the sound design of each piece will immerse you into different atmospheres. Associated with the dark techno that makes his style stands out, the selection also happens to be composed by very efficient DJ tools.”

Link to Dystopian Society EP on Demian Records
Link to No Matter The Hono EP on Demian Records