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Julez Wyl (Jaded)

Resident at Londons, and arguably the UK’s, most infamous long standing after party, Julez Wyl has quickly become a mainstay of the London techno scene, hosting his own room 2 takeover at Jaded, Off Topic. Playing alongside the likes of Mani Dee or Thomas P Heckmann and the great Jaded residents Chris Stanford, Raymundo Rodriguez and Stephanie Sykes he has quickly grown a reputation for uncompromising hard hitting techno.

We still remember amazing Sunday mornings like the one with his great friend Guliver on January or the 5 Years Jaded celebration where he was in total control of Room 2 (9 hours and a half!)  making extremely difficult to leave and go to Room 1 despite the big artists being there as Cleric or Pfirter or even Ayarcana presenting his powerful Live PA. What a celebration and what a tremendous Set from Julian!! Congrats!