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053. Serkin

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(Tourian rec / Technodrome / Celobert)


A decade following his initial foray into Barcelona’s underground scene, Kevin Schwantz has kept the same vision of electronica as fuel for social change.

2 years ago Serkin launched his own label named Tourian Records in which he also releases under his new alias 1985.

At the same time Serkin continues to be involved in managing and event planning for the Technodrome Barcelona collective that he has represented since 2009 and with whom he strives against all odds to present, in keeping with his ideals and principles, a musical alternative first and foremost for the city of Barcelona.

Finally, together with the support of his usual partners, he directs and manages Celobert (Barcelona) events and festival focused on supporting and promoting the many artists who have come out of the recent and emerging national & worlwide scene.

🎵 Visionary 02 by Various Artists (Redsonja Records)
Vinyl + Digital Album

This last March 15th Serkin released a track called Something In The Sky on a various artists compilationn on Redsonja Records. This EP also includes tracks by K3rn3l Pøissøn, Pelacha and Trømmel.

*Other alias; 1985, stanney.h and Kevin Schwantz.