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Frequency Shifter


Frequency Shifter
Frequency Shifter is the Techno project by Tbilisi based Georgian DJ, producer and KHIDI’s resident artist Giga Arabuli.
Tonight Saturday 13 he is going to be sharing decks at Khidi with BLUSH_RESPONSE and Boyd Schidt.
Frequency Shifter combines he’s residence a KHIDI with playing at other georgian clubs like CAFE-GALLERY or Gate and the friend club iN from Azerbaijan.
This last year he was in Berlin for the Griessmuehle x KHIDI w./ Rebekah, Boston 168 & Minimum Syndicat and in Barcelona for the Structured Afterparty with Khidi Residents representing the Tbilisi club with his great friend Yanamaste.
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UNHEARD tapes – “Annihilation” [UNH001] by Solarmental, S.V.R.A, Liza Rivs, Frequency Shifter and Staðleysu