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064. Krohm

Music lover since he has use of reason. Attracted by genres such as Jazz and improvisation, Psychedelia, Drone, Punk, Garage, Industrial…. He develops electronic music sessions focused on the dance floor, specifically “Dark Techno Experimental” that penetrates between the line of mental and atmospheric sounds, with “industrialism” as the basis of its sound expression.

He usually makes his DJ Sets in vinyl format with 2 or 3 dishes, but he also likes to add music in digital format and effects to his set up. In his sessions he tries to be very sensitive trying to develop with great discipline in each mix, the greatest sound sense. Careful with his musical selection, always trying to choose the greatest variety of sound concepts within knowledge and idea to express. His precise way of mixing and focusing on sound harmony allows him to achieve a session, a story full of feelings that reflect his vision of the world, the current society of big cities and the psychology of sounds.

He has performed Dj Sets in clubs in Barcelona and Catalonia such as: “La Cova”, “Moog”, “Zentraus”, “Slow Club”, “Sala One”, “Màgia Roja”, “Trash Club”, “Kitty Club BDN” and “Valve” sharing a poster with artists such as: Rumenige & Loktibrada, Regis, James Ruskin – Blueprint Records, Killawatt, Eric Fetcher or Joaquin Ruiz.

20 years of passion, dedication, collection and study of “Techno” music and its more concrete and risky aspects of the entire planet, yesterday, today and forever.