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065. Dan Böhler

“Dan Böhler was born in 2013 as a logical evolution in Daniel Garcia’s musical career, who finished his studies in sound technology in the same year.

Passionate for the darkest Techno and electronic music connoisseur in general, in a short period of time he has become one of those synth, sequencer and beat box freaks, both analogic and digital, where he doesn’t miss a single novelty or new processing trick and he has started producing in his own music at a surprising pace and with extraordinary quality.

He adopts the name Böhler as a tribute to his previous profession, a welder. It was the brand name of one of the machines he worked with on a daily basis which drew so many scars in his arms. Now he uses a different type of technology but the background noise in his studio, his new workplace, has not changed that much.”