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Opaaco Live Visuals


A researcher of the mistake. opaaco’s way of evolving passes through constant phases of compulsively organizing his bad ideas together with the good, but badly executed, ones.microscopes, magnifying glasses, self-made gear and old cameras can commonly be found in his surroundings, where hybrid glitch collages materialize into something visible.

This last years opaaco has been performing his visuals in locations and events such as Dutch Modular Fest, Waking Life, Modular Day BCN, Teorema, Centre Cívic Sagrada Família, Sala Apolo, BARTS, Kemikal Bunker, Diffuse Reality Records, EKA Palace and Live From Multiverse.


Live A/V performance by Alpha Decay and opaaco that were blending Modular music with astonishing ferro fluid visual experiments at Live From Multiverse 02 on the 22.02.2020 at Barcelona: