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Passionate about electronic music since he was 10 years old. After many years on the decks and many events behind him, he has a good experience as a mixer sharing the booth with top-level artists in some of the best clubs in Spain and performing abroad in France and Germany.

His sessions are characterized by their progression, forcefulness, variety and dynamism, with a varied Techno line but without neglecting styles such as Electro-Techno and Electro and always with an eye on the dance floor.

He also has the aka Operario 48, which he shows a more eclectic musical aspect at lower bpm’s and with more EBM-oriented sounds.

His activity in the electronic world is not just limited to mixing tracks, as he has organized an array of events and collaborates with other groups and associations.


This past March 7th we had the opportunity to enjoy a really powerful and unconventional DJ Set from Gordon at the event that the friends from Dominant hosted at The Garage of The Bass Valley, Barcelona.

Next Gordon event:
Archaic Night 04.04.20 SalaMalavida, A Coruña.
Vinyl Set w/ Nöle, Gordon, Proyecto Inopia and Liños from Archaic Print /12.inch.