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073. Ámbar

Ámbar foto Live From Multiverse 1

Ámbar was formed in 2016 by Barcelona artists Patricia Ferrer and Héctor Sousa. They spent years grinding down the sharp edges of their sound.

This sound is a series of voltages, connections, filters, and sequences reverberating inside them that translates through modular systems, synthesizers, and rhythm machines.

They mix their classical education from Liceu de Barcelona with Drone, Ambient, Techno and trance. Their enjoyment of free improvisation results in an ethereal sound intended to guide listeners towards a unique and transcendental experience; where the auditive concept connects with the limbic.

Each performance is unique in concept, psyche, and execution.

This last year they have been performing in events such as Modular Day Barcelona, Dutch Modular Fest, Teorema Barcelona and Live From Multiverse 01.

🎵 Delirium Amentis EP by Ámbar (Secuencia Laberíntica)

Cassette + Digital Album

Delirium Amentis was published on the label Secuencia Laberíntica and is a compilation created from improvisations in the studio using only hardware.
You can find it in both digital and cassette format in a limited edition of only 20 copies.

Secuencia Laberíntica Bandcamp


Audio recording from Ámbar performance at Live From Multiverse 01: