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076. Kløne

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Kløne is a duo formed by two twin brothers born in Barcelona. David and Sergi started this project in mid-2016 and debuted with their first release on the Lunar Limited label, which includes remixes by Ricardo Garduno and Marla Singer. They also have other productions on labels such as Vector Functions Records, Fartlek Rec., Kaputt-Musik or Ismus, among others.

The first time we had a musical contact was thanks to our friends from BAHN· that presented them on their second event with 2 other Barcelona duos; BAHN· 02: Broken Hill / Tronus / Kløne, when we had the pleasure to record/stream and enjoy their DJ Sets.


🎵 ISMVA002.1 by Various artists (Ismus)
Digital Album

This last January 15th Kløne released a track called Frenetic Polarity on the new compilation of one of our favourite collectives and labels; Ismus, alongside great artists such as Tim Tama, Oposition, Trym, Mercury 200 or Tkivilsaari that without any doubt are also in our list of preferred musicians.


Kløne have just started a new project named Turmoil Defiance. The first event that they hosted was in Moog, Barcelona and was a collaboration with the Berlin Label and Collective Ismus in which they have released their track; Turmoil Defiance x Ismus: Otaku + I.E + Kløne.

The events from Ismus are something you have to try at least once; 2 years ago we went there to celebrate with them their Ismus 3rd Anniversary at Griessmuehle and it was simply brutal. One of the best tuesday nights we remeber if not the best.