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Digital Vault is Barcelona-based Techno and industrial noise DJ.

After two decades of supporting the electronic music scene in Barcelona, Digital Vault as a DJ, likes to explore various industrial rhythms and eclectic influences, all in line with his musical taste. Techno, Industrial noise and EBM are his favorite music styles, somewhere between gray and industrial sounds and broken voices.

In the early days he became interested in the international electronic music scene and started to explore what was happening elsewhere. Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Tbilisi are some of the places he often visits, without ever neglecting Barcelona’s active scene, for ​​which he always felt very passionate about.

He has shared line-ups with artists like Unhuman, REKA, Headless Horseman, Codex Empire, Parallx, German Affair and NVA, and played in clubs like The Garage of the Bass Valley, LAUT, Macarena and M7 in Barcelona or Lanna Club in Asturias, Spain.

He has currently started an event promotion project called Dominant, in Barcelona. The musical spectrum will range from techno, industrial, EBM and post punk to all kinds of dark sounds. His intention is promoting what he has always wanted to find and experience as music lover.

This last March we had the pleasure to attend the event DOMINANT. Deadly Sins 1.7 Lust that included great artists such as ASSASSANI, OPERANT, Gordon or Mario Picosso.

Photo by Fernando Mella