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Guliver (Acidistorted)

Vincenzo Tamburello aka Guliver was born in Bergamo 09/06/1996, now resident in Berlin, Germany.
Owner of Acidistorted Uk.


Vincenzo Tamburello aka Guliver,

21 year of age, Italian roots, born in Bergamo and currently living in Berlin, Germany.
Guliver found his musical passion already in his early years, when his focus shifted to the electronic genres. Since he was a child he knew that this was the musical field that belonged to him as soon he got hooked on DJing.
He also has recently started working as a producer and is currently looking forward to getting his first release (s) which is on the way.

Guliver sound is based upon an Techno Industrial – Noise & Ebm tracks selection.
His performances began in west sicily in 2011/12, then in Malta and in north of Italy.
In October 2015 he moved to London where he was present in different English parties such as Jaded Afterparty in Corsica Studios and Warehouses.
Since the beginning of his performances Guliver sets have received positive feedbacks from various artist and beyond.