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Dominant # 1.7 Lust. STAUFFER Live



Dominant Stauffer audio

Dominant # 1.7 Lust. STAUFFER Live

Audio recording from the Live performance by Stauffer during the event DOMINANT. Pecado capital 1/7: Lujuria at The Garage of The Bass Valley, 07.03.2020, Barcelona.


Stauffer´s music is designed for live act, always based on own samples from working machines, personal recordings of poor quality but high emotional content at least for him, kind of motors, metallic sounds and cold forcefulness in order to generate a ritual ceremony of industrial reminiscence, power electronics, drone or experimental.
Definitely Blues-Industrial.
Treated as an exorcism, the final outcome of this deep insight musical practice is the liberation against the continuous violence that surrounds us.

Industrial, exorcism, ritual.

His first physical references are a C40 tape entitled “RITUAL NADA” for LENDT record label based in Madrid and three songs included in “A Nøvak Product 3”, CD compilation of Nøvak recs Barcelona´s label.

At bandcamp you will find other songs, treated individually.