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Stelar Booking Podcast Serie 5 – Podcast 15 – Dinward



Stelar Booking Podcast
Serie 5 – Podcast 15 – Dinward

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Oriol Albesa better known as Dinward is a Techno music DJ based in Barcelona, Spain. After been involve for more than ten years in the Spanish Techno Scene, in 2017 he took part of Structured collective where he has found the understanding and creative intelligence to be able to grow as a musician.

Dinward have an interest in the electronic music when he discovers the raves parties that were taking place around Cataluña in 2008. His first contact with events production business came about because he decided to take part in Estratechno collective, in which he was in charge programming in addition to learn and develop his Dj skills. Since then, Oriol decided to be more involved in the techno context of Barcelona, always trying to develop new projects and add value to the clubbing scene.

He always shows great skills when mixing either using turntables or playing digital music. Although he explores different electronic music genres, his sets are characterized by Techno Birmingham sounds and hypnotic rhythms. He has played at the most representative clubs in Barcelona such us Be Cool, City Hall, Razzmatazz, Macarena Club or M7 among others.

Dinward is a good bet for ensuring a great night nonstop dancing.

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