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Structured Podcast #043 – J. Padilla

J. Padilla

Structured Structured Podcast #043 - J. Padilla

Structured Podcast #043 J. Padilla

Guest: J. Padilla

This DJ Set by Joaquín Padilla was live recorded during the last Structured event with Makaton Rodz Konez Live, TUG’S, Krohm and the live visuals by RIEN . at The Garage of The Bass Valley (BCN) 04.10.2019.


J. Padilla (Structured)

Joaquín Padilla’s dedication to techno, the art of mixing and its all encompassing club culture were set off by three concrete events in time and space: watching a DJ play at a house party in 1998, one of Oliver Ho’s tunes in 2003 and seeing Dave Clarke, his first techno venture at Nitsa club in 2004. Alongside his profession as an engineer, he has since held onto electronic music as more than just a passion.

In 2015 he constructed himself an electronic cave of sorts and shared the space with his partner in crime, Dinward, in a building on the outskirts of Barcelona, full of new challenges and surrounded by different and like minded artists in their respective work spaces.

With his studio in toe, he stepped up his level of implication and dedication to music a notch and threw himself into the world of producing. Out of the new found creativity, Broken Hill also came into being: a duo made up of himself, (J.Padilla) and O.Albesa (Dinward); a project born out of friendship, musical complicity and enthusiasm for manifesting a joint vision of how they want their techno to sound.

Between corridors, vinyls and machines, Joaquín has found himself living another side of the electronic scene. Apart from having built up close friendships with some of the regular local DJs and producers in Barcelona, he has found himself in circumstances becoming of inspiration, stimulus and opportunity for learning, which have played a crucial role in his personal and professional development over the last four years.

Joaquín is and has been party to the best of the local projects going on in Barcelona including Astra, BAHN, Donations, Selectors, Insert, and Technotrippin both as J.Padilla and as Broken Hill and with time, effort and sincerity of feelings has slowly but surely gained the public’s interest. Recently, he has shared stage with remarkable artists as Steve Bicknell, Makaton and other well-respected local artists in popular clubs like Macarena Club, The Garage of The Bass Valley and Club M7.

J. Padilla’s sets are inspired by Birmingham techno, industrial, dark, drone and breaks, designing soundscapes full of diaphragm penetrating bass, hypnotizing synths, massive kick drums and broken rhythms which take you for a dance along dark pathways lined with his own personality and creativity.

Photo: Kiko R-D Photographer