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Tonight Friday, 18th January Sigha is going to be at at Razzmatazz for the V Showcase of Speaks Silence where he will be sharing decks with three members of this Barcelona based imprint; Rubble Body, Audiolux and Lowsystem.

James Shaw more known as Sigha, will do of this V Showcase of Speaks Silence another night in which the Techno will have the opportunity to express itself as never.

Speaks Silence Showcase V W/ Sigha

The Set from Sigha that we are going to enjoy tonight while he’s going to be performing at The Loft is the number 99 of the great SlamRadio (Soma Records / Slam) Podcast series.


Sigha BIO

Sigha is the alias of London Based techno producer, James Shaw. To date he has released primarily on Hotflush Recordings, Blueprint Recordings his own imprint Our Circula Sound and been commissioned to provide remixes for a wide range of labels including CLR, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others.

At the heart of the artist’s contemporary work is the notion of process – of humanistic development & ritual catharsis through repetition. A binding component of James Shaw’s artistic premise is an arcane spirituality – the restrained maximalism & cavernous depth of recent dance floor material draws as much from traditional places of worship as it does from the heady, Brutalist architecture of Europe’s finest clubbing spaces. Fixed at the base by booming low end, warping white noise signals pitch & bend about the sonic periphery and the rising, emotive leads that have since become a hallmark of his work, lift the music above & beyond the sum of its parts.
In tandem to Shaw’s craft as a producer lies notable skill as both a DJ and live performer. Sets channel the same unyielding energy as the artist’s own recorded work, shifting in equal measure between a phasing, elongated mixing style & moments of intuitive dynamism to build a powerful tension on the dance floor. Live shows see Sigha take many of the instruments vital to his production process on the road, tempering complex modular synthesis with a handful of carefully selected drum machines & FX units to offer audiences a cohesive & thoroughly modern take on the live Techno performance.


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