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ARTIST Fri. 21.12.2018 Stanislav Tolkachev Static Episode 17

Stanislav Tolkachev


Stanislav Tolkachev TechnoRadio Static Episode 17 Fri. 21.12.2018 Stanislav Tolkachev Static Episode 17

Tonight Friday, 21st December Stanislav Tolkachev is going to be at at Razzmatazz for the special Astra – Space Travel Records launch party event Astra Space Travel Records _ The Loft _ Stanislav Tolkachev where he will be sharing decks with Mario Picosso (Structured) and Neiland, the imprint founder and man behind Astra.

The Set from Stanislav that we are going to enjoy tonight while he’s going to be performing at The Loft is the number 17 of Static Episode series, a project born in Argentina and now also based in Barcelona that throught a diverse, passionate and talented team of people offers their point of view of electronic music that resembles a documentary film with DJ Sets, interviews and photography work from one artist a a time (episode). Work that with any doubt has a tremendeous quality and that we strongly recommend that you have a deep look and listen to throught their published episodes and new to come.


Stanislav Tolkachev BIO

Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer from Ukraine. His productions are influenced both by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. He is focused on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many diverse sources. Tolkachev’s music has been released on many labels, including M_Rec, Semantica Records, Mord Records and Geophone.

“The main message in my music is that Techno can exist outside the boundaries of society. That it can be a place of refuge for when we are alone”. – Stanislav Tolkachev


ASTRA001 – Neiland _ La ambición del Nada
Stanislav Tolkachev remix

Astra launches its own imprint and this Friday, 21st December offers a huge release party of the first EP “La ambición del Nada” at The Loft (Razzmatazz).

“A stamp with high philosophical degrees that touches all the branches of the Martian language,
This first Ep comes out with a Neiland original cut “The Ambition of Nothingness” and a remix by Stanislav Tolkachev.”


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New Years Eve / Techno & друзі! with Stanislav Tolkachev at Szpitalna 1, Krakow

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