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ARTIST Podcast #008 Mario Picosso

Mario Picosso Podcast #008 Mario Picosso Podcast #008 Mario Picosso

Guest: Mario Picosso

This next Podcast comes from Barcelona and was recorded during the event Structured x Rebels w/ Killawatt (01.12.2018, BCN) .

Mario Picosso (Structured)

Mario is a young artist born in Málaga and currently based in Amsterdam. He had a rapid progression, being an important part of Barcelona’s techno scene over the last years.

Original co-founder of Structured, he’s been critical to the progression of the collective over the last years. He’s been at the center of the work done in Barcelona, making a fuss in the city’s nightlife, working with artists of the likes of: Joaquin Ruiz, Tomas Kunkel, Killawatt, SARIN, Scalameriya, or Frequency Shifter and Yanamaste from KHIDI in Tbilisi while collaborating and joining forces with other collectives or Record labels as Eclectica Series, Diffuse Reality Records, Nunc, XXX or Nodrize Records.

He never leaves anyone indifferent, and has developed a unique style. Mixing industrial, broken, dynamic and driving, with a clear progression on his sets and complimented by great mixing skills and a hand-picked selection of tracks.

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