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ARTIST Sat. 11.11.2018 Silez – Raw Techno Archive 001


[PODCAST] 11.11.2018 20.00 CET Silez - Raw Techno Archive 001 Sat. 11.11.2018 Silez – Raw Techno Archive 001

DJ Set from Silez Live Recorded during Structured Showcase invites Artik and Roll Dann w/ BETTS, Mario Picosso and Subcable 13.10.2018 at Salon Kitty Club Badalona/Barcelona.


Includes tracks from Carrier, RNXRX, P.U.L.S.A.R, Lars Huismann, Joaquin Ruiz, Deklan, Orphx, Dj Hell, BMSK, Euskalraver, Cute Heels, Tataaki Itoh, Regis, Sciahri, Moddullar, Christian Wünsch, Maureille & Shadowcomplex, Roll Dann, Monoloith, Restive Plaggona, Judas AKA JUDAΣ, Antonio De Angelis, Jose POuj, Oscuro and Antechamber.


SILEZ (Structured)
Born in Gran Canaria, Spain but currently living in The Netherlands. In 2015 he’s part of the foundation of Structured, in Málaga. A collective that supports the non-comercial side of techno with a batch of local artists, launching events and releasing podcasts on the web.

Structured’s showcases are starting to make a fuss in the Barcelona nights, presenting a local Techno spectrum of artists with occasionally an international name on the line ups. In so little time, showcase’s has grown to other countries as Sweden, where it has taken place a series of events in the last two years, on empty public or rented spaces or warehouses. In Sweden, same as in Spain, it would not be strange to see Structured in collaboration with other concept-related collectives.

Silez’s sound is characterized by industrial soundscapes, noises and metallic synths, with breaks, touches of acid and distortion. Dynamism and progression on his sets, influenced by a wide spectrum of music styles. In 2017 he formed with Diego K a duo called Kädek, performing analog live acts.



Track list:

Carrier (Overlook & Positive Centre) – 47017 – 04 Carrier – Foreshadow
RNXRX – Moral Witness EP – 01 Moral Witness
Lars Huismann – Machinist
Joaquin Ruiz – Cobwebs
Deklan – Amnistía – 04 Radowitzky
Orphx – Learn To Suffer – 02 Barelife
Dj hell – Let no man Jack
Euskalraver – Spektre (Original mix)
Cute Heels – KESS01 – 01 Verge
Takaaki Itoh – Present
REGIS – Manbait – 05 Family Sex – Manbait (Regis Version)
Sciahri – Perplexity
Moddullar – Injected
Orphx – Learn To Suffer – 03 Pain Is The Teacher
Structural Abnormalities (Christian Wünsch Remix)
Maureille & Shadowcomplex – KZS03 SPLIT – 06 Shadowcomplex – 00007 (Original Mix)
MODULARZ 36 – D1 – Supervivencia – by Roll Dann
Monolith – Time Running Out (SG1672) – 02 Deconstruct
Restive Plaggona – Toxic Attraction
Carrier – 47017 – 03 Carrier – Suggestion
Antonio De Angelis – Incrisis (Sleeparchive Remix)
Jose Pouj – Structural Abnormalities
Oscuro – Fractal DEMO
Antechamber – Lobs Pound



Photo by Kiko R-D Photographer