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Born on 23rd January 1984, in San Martin, Buenos Aires and now based in Barcelona.
Along with Cristian Lencina he founds Noconcept Records and released on labels like Gomboc Records, Underdub Records, Survival Alliance Records, Aesir Records, Up and At’em, Substratum Records,Iwashi Series , Unterwelt Techno , Slates Records, etc.
After having explored a few different styles he establishes himself as a Dj and produced under the aka Alemari and touching either dark techno, industrial or acid and influenced by I Hate Models, Keepsakes, Falhaber, Gabeen, Perc, Hackler y Kuch, Alex Trilb or Chronisch Komisch among others.
He knows how to deal with industrial vibes and acid lines, but also can guide you through hypnotic melodies, deep atmospheres and pure tension.



Tensal – Quantico [Soma Records]
P.E.A.R.L – Joy of Rapture [Fallings Ethics]
Juan Evangelista – System Uploaded
Gabeen – Srs 4.1 [Switch Off Records]
Distant – Exile (Reveillon Remix)[Fluctuat Records]
Emiliano Benedetti – Acid Karma [Vapour Trail Black Records]
Alemari – Camino al Infierno (Euyin Remix)[Survivall Alliance Records]
Alemari – Falsa Empatia [Underdub Records]
Chamber 7L
Under Black Helmet – I Was Laid a Sinner of Sorts [MORD]
Michal Jablonski – Roller [Sontag Morgen]
Jeff Derringer – Penalty Phase [Oktave Records]
Alemari – Camino al cielo (Darkotic Remix) [Survivall Alliance Records]
Giant Swan – Dare [Control Yourself]
[KRTM] – Pygeon