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Adriana Lopez

[PODCAST] Tue. 13.11.2018 Adriana Lopez - PoleGroup Radio Tue. 13.11.2018 Adriana Lopez – PoleGroup Radio


Regarded as Colombia’s finest techno export and a true pioneer of its electronic
music scene, Bogota born, Barcelona based Adriana Lopez is quickly climbing the
forefront of in demand DJ list internationally with her powerful yet brooding and mindmelting
approach to techno.

She’s the label head of Spanish imprint Grey Report and a regular contributor to
Semantica, Modularz and Pole Group.

Line these labels up and a picture begins to form. And it looks like the kind of art
most critics would swoon over. She’s a rock solid european performer and producer
of “smoked laced warehouse jams” (Stray Landings, UK), but, and here’s the thing,
she’s a DJ’s DJ. She’s all about the multiple sources and the rolls royce vinyl. She’s
a roll up the sleeves, audio mechanic. – Machine, Australia, 2017.

Adriana’s global touring schedule has filled up with performances at the most
renowned venues in the world including Berghain in Berlin, Concrete in Paris, Village
Underground in London, Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Lux Fragil and Forte Festival in
Portugal, Vent in Tokyo, Korner in Taipei, Vurt in Seoul, kyō in Singapore and
Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, among others.

Adriana Lopez takes no prisoners with her mind scattering, industrial techno –
straight up class. – Boiler Room, 2016.