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ARTIST Wed. 14.11.2018 Shintaro Yamaguchi – Shadow People 055

Shintaro Yamaguchi

[PODCAST] Wed. 14.11.2018 Shintaro Yamaguchi - Shadow People 055 Wed. 14.11.2018 Shintaro Yamaguchi – Shadow People 055


DJ and producer Shintaro Yamaguchi is one of Japan’s true underground techno heroes. Passionate, diverse and driven are three words that are consistently used when speaking about Shintaro and all traits are apparent on his energetic and unique sound. He was a key element to the growth of Japan’s techno scene in his hometown of Hakuba, Japan, where he threw his renowned “THEBLACKDOOR” parties featuring the best of both local and international talents for 4 years.

Shintaro stays true to his roots – dark, hypnotic, and meditative techno, but his style is constantly evolving. His pure love for music and Djing eventually led him to move to one of the techno meccas of the world – Berlin, where he is currently based. He has quickly integrated himself into the techno scene by using his diverse arsenal of tracks and smooth mixing to create distinct and memorable sets, and is quickly being recognised as a force to be reckoned with in underground music.

Many thanks to Shadow People for this Set and letting us discover artists throught their Podcast series.


Milkplant – Far Star (Developer Remix)
Mynude – Brstl (Alhek Remix)
Vertical Spectrum – Devon Dust
LPP – Planeta Yardrat (Peg Remix)
Matt Altman – Chasm
3ct – Sense
KaioBarssalos – Rolling Tips (Orben Remix)
Diego Xander – Unbroken
Kmyle – Rising (Reflec Remix)
Anders – In Anywhere I Look I See Buildings
Riddik – Roger
Joy Fagnani, 2Loud – Pareidolia
Tensal – Taneblum
Ricardo Garduno – Sitios Desconocidos
Cardao – Faith Vertical (Spectrum Remix)
Juank Heart – Bells Under Sea
Anders – Solid Way
Concept of Thrill – Impas
Perc – Unelected (Dax J Remix)