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ARTIST Wed. 19.12.2018 Femanyst – SlamRadio 321


[PODCAST] Wed. 19.12.2018 Femanyst - SlamRadio 321 Wed. 19.12.2018 Femanyst – SlamRadio 321


With a recent EP released on Paula Temple’s ‘Noise Manifesto’ this year, a string of international festival and club appearances, and a frenetic expression of militant techno individuality, Miss Akua Grant sets herself as one of the most unrelenting and innovative artists working in Berlin today.
Whether it’s taking from her esteemed production time under the alias Lady Blacktronika or experience growing up in California, her self-assured approach to gripping and brawling techno tension sees her perform a fast paced and fervent flow on the dance floor.
Femanyst continues to bring her unapologetically bold signature sound with her new techno imprint “Dark Carousel” as an extension to her much revered DJ sets of twisted and aggressive, 90s influenced high octane electronic music.


Featuring some friends and artists of Dark Carousel including Paula Temple, Denizens, IRRENARZT and more.

  1. Femanyst – Bat Shit (Paula Temple Edit)
    2. Doormouse – Cum
    3. [KRTM] Ft. Twan – Gum & Something That Puts You In A Wheelchair
    4. Hellboy – Motherfucking Techno
    5. Ansome – Poison Your Body
    6. Mike Ink & The Chain Of Brotherhood – Lovely Ugly Brutal World (Original Mix)
    7. Schwefelgelb – Aus Dem Hals Der Flasche
    8. Femanyst – Bonobo Filth
    9. Femanyst – Holy Flasche (Hast Du Jee)
    10. Apocalyptic Heroes (Vol. I) – Hardcore Divine
    11. Plexøs – Reel In
    12. Femanyst – Hy Breed
    13. IRRENARZT – Shatter
    14. Denizens – Raving Shadows